Fancom's total house control gives grip on the growing process in the house

As agricultural entrepreneur you wish to be Able to measure the results from your house or on a day-to-day basis. Good management requires an efficient information provision.

During VIV Europe Fancom introduces a series of tailor-made management solutions, which make it possible to check, monitor, analyze and adjust the actual house situation from any place in the world. With total control house you get a grip on the growing process in the house, which translates into an improved company results, an improved animal welfare and meeting the emission standards.
Fancom offers integrated automation solutions for climate control, automatic feeding and biometrics. These automated processes in the house are a source of data about the environment of the animals, about their feed and water intake and their behavior. By using a data management structure to open up, and combine these data offer conveniently arranged, we create total house control. This gives you insight into the performance of your animals, the company processes, the economic consequences and improvement options, enabling you to start optimization actions. On top of that you have the possibility to prove the chain in the way in which animals are kept, so that you can secure your license to supply.
User ease and time saving are important conditions, no paper and data entry, but data available directly from the source at all times, Neatly arranged on house level, or even farm level integration level and conveniently presented in clear diagrams and dashboard applications. Fancom does not only offer standard software. We also think along with you concerning tailor-made software, ranging from data presentation to the integration of data into your own ERP system. Fancom is the partner who helps you to look forward and to be a trend setter. Our goal is to create optimal conditions, both in your house and your company for management. With a clear vision on your trade, a continuous urge for innovation and a sharp eye for new movements in the market. We call this Forward thinking.

Editor WorldPoultry

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