VIV review: Innovations for future-proof animal production

VIV review: Innovations for future-proof animal production

VIV Europe affirmed its renown position as the premium showcase for new technologies and remarkable innovations in the production system with a clear attention to better farming.

In a Poultry World video, we give a short recap here:

For the first time, The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands also honored VIV Europe with an important visit on the second day. H.E. Mr Henk Staghouwer explored with interest the new concepts displayed at the Welcome hall. Inspired by the new ways of production presented by several entrepreneurs, the Minister expressed his enthusiasm and said: “VIV Europe is a showroom for leading technology for the livestock sector. […] In this Inspiration Hall, HubOrange demonstrates how Dutch businesses are involved in innovation, focused on sustainability, climate and short chains. I can only be impressed by that. With my background in business, I was fascinated to see how companies tap into new creativity. What appears rather alternative and local today, may well be part of the global mainstream in a few years’ time.”

Launching pad for latest developments

VIV Europe is by definition the place where sector leaders launch their latest developments. Some of the innovations presented covered safe and effective in-ovo vaccination and nutrition, disease control programmes and effective broilers house cleaning and disinfection, circular chain concept making egg production a co-creation project that brings sustainability to the tables, climate control systems for all weather conditions with minimal energy use and superior air quality, new farming approaches to drastically reduce the need for antibiotics while increasing animal health and sustainability.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World
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