Ross Middle East GP training a resounding success

Aviagen recently welcomed two senior managers from key Ross GP distributors in the Turkey, Middle East and Africa region (TMEA) to Scotland.

Karwan Bakir, Operations Manager, from Vano-Rasun, Republic of Iraq and Majed Al Dwaihy, Production Manager, Pure Breed Poultry Co, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spent a week in the company’s office, GP farms and laboratory to enjoy presentations on a number of subjects and get first-hand experience of the many different departments which form part of Aviagen.

The visit was hosted by Ross Technical Service Managers Hosam Amro and the latest member of the team, Robert Haggarty, who took great pleasure in meeting these key regional customers for the first time.

Majed and Karwan also enjoyed a presentation on Aviagen’s R&D, meeting with the veterinary, personnel, accounts and sales order processing departments to share experiences and take away learning points for their own organisations.

One of the highlights during the visit was a trip to two Grandparent (GP) farms in the South of Scotland where the visitors were able to discover first-hand the excellent facilities and the major emphasis on biosecurity found within Aviagen’s farms. On the last day of their visit, Majed and Karwan spent time in Aviagen’s veterinary laboratory.

Karwan Bakir summarised his experiences: “It was a great opportunity for me to get a close insight into the different departments of Aviagen and to trace our Ross stock from its beginnings on biosecure Scottish farms. I took away many learning points from the visit which will help various departments in our company.  I was particularly impressed with the GP farms and the Veterinary Laboratory where I was amazed by the high level of techniques and technology used.”  

Majed Al Dwaihy added: “I will now take back many points to my team and apply them to our own production.”

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