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Everything about chickens in one book

A beautiful new book named 'Chickens' has been published, put together by three Dutch poultry authorities: Piet Simons, Hans Schippers and Pieter Borst.

The official launch took place in the poultry museum in Barneveld, The Netherlands, considered to be the historical "poultry capital of the world".

The discovery of unique glass negative transparencies from the period 1930-1940, encouraged the authors to start writing this  bilingual book, written in Dutch and English. Also they collected a wealth of information from around the world.

The book presents the history of chickens in words and pictures. Old, historical and sometimes very special images from archaeology, art, architecture and religion dating back almost 4000 years, show the evolution of chickens throughout the ages and their importance as farm animals. There are also descriptions and depictions of the most important poultry breeds worldwide and the most popular and typical Dutch breeds, along with their history, production of meat and eggs and other useful characteristics. In addition, the book contains a detailed glossary explaining commonly used poultry terminology.

Piet Simons is a well-known retired researcher, previously employed at the former Spelderholt Poultry Research Centre in the Netherlands. Also he was president of the World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA). Currently he is ambassador of Dutch Poultry Centre.

Hans Schippers is an international poultry specialist, noted for his many articles in poultry magazines and the author of numerous small animal hobby books. He is a recognised authority on all small animals and a keen animal photographer.

Pieter Borst is the curator of the Pieter Borst Collection, a collection of everything that has to do with chickens, such as postcards, stamps, cigar bands, teaspoons and much more.

The English translation of the book was corrected by poultry specialist David C. Bland from the UK. Apart from having been the manager of the then largest table egg producing farm in the South of England, he is also a consultant, author and writer.

The book counts 272 pages in full colour. Retail price is 35 Euros, excluding shipping costs. It is available from Roodbont Publishers in The Netherlands.


  • Everything about chickens in one book


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    Thanks for information on poultry

  • Gazali Mohd

    That's a very good contribution to veterinary profession especially in Africa that a have a growing industry of poultry production.

  • Kunduru Surender Reddy

    The authors took so much of pains in producing such a wonderful book and I was in need of hard copy to use it as a reference book for my customers and it will also be used for research purpose.
    Thank you,

    Dr K S Reddy PhD
    # 7-1-123, New Bus Depot Road
    Hanamkonda - 506011

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