VIV China & VICS team for China Livestock Industry Week

The China International Livestock Industry Week in Beijing, from 20 – 25 September 2014 will feature a week of events relating to the upgrading of animal protein production systems and knowledge. The industry will be on full display in the VIV China International Summit (VICS), followed by VIV China 2014.

About one-third of visitors to the show are expected to come from outside China, keen to explore the potential for sourcing new products, trading with Chinese partners in Asia or selling technology to China's animal protein producers.

"China's market is big and still growing," says VIV market manager Ruwan Berculo, "but we structure it for our visitors, breaking it down into easily digestible pieces. In this way the business week in Beijing provides an ideal gateway to understanding what China needs and how to be part of that industry growth going forward."

"China's meat and egg industries are going through a transition driven by concerns on food safety. In fact I see a new phase taking place, in which Chinese investors in food production realise that they need better technology in order to address the food safety issues. It brings a real chance for international suppliers to sell products and systems to Chinese businesses, after a relative lull in recent years."

VICS 2014: Poultry, aquaculture and pigs
The VIV International China Summit (VICS) features three days of conferences, workshops and seminars, grouped by sector. There will be a two-day International Poultry Forum, the Aquatic China conference for China's aquaculture industry, China Pork Outlook 2015 presentations and several all-specie Feed to Meat walk-in sessions. The venue for the VICS conference is the Kuntai Hotel Beijing.

VIV China
The 8th edition of VIV China will in several ways be bigger and better than the previous editions. The event is to be held from September 23 – 25 at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) in Shunyin, Beijing. Unlike the crowded scenes at most Chinese animal husbandry shows, VIV China 2014 will offer a much more compact and business-oriented environment.

"Compared with the other trade fairs in our portfolio, VIV China is not a world show like VIV Europe, nor a regional event like VIV Asia. But it is equally as valuable in its own way, by offering the maximum opportunity for the professionals from each sector of animal protein to interact and exchange information and ideas.

World's Poultry Congress 2016
"Especially for the poultry industry, we  also believe that the bigger and better edition of the show in 2014 will prove to be the best possible preparation for the next VIV China two years from now - when it is lined up to be co-located in Beijing with the World's Poultry Congress 2016."

World Poultry

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