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The latest edition of World Poultry focusses mainly on production. We feature an article on Breeding for alternative markets. The demand for differentiation in broiler meat production methods is making its mark in the market. Every breeding organisation is involved. And of course we don’t forget the layer production.

World Poultry visited one of the first layer farms which achieved to produce 500 eggs within one production period over a time of 100 weeks without moulting.

500 eggs in 100 weeks

Or as the new chairman of the International Egg Commission states in an exclusive interview with World Poultry editor Fabian Brockötter: "With eggs, we are sitting on a gold mine.'' Dellaert shares his thoughts on the future of the IEC and the egg sector. Furthermore World Poultry joined conferences of Lohmann Tierzucht and the IHSIG. Read all about it in this issue.

Ben Dellaert "With eggs, we are sitting on a gold mine"

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