News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia: Agrocomplex to increase share of the poultry market

CJSC Company Agrocomplex in the second half of 2014 intends to complete the reconstruction and modernisation of the Tbilisi poultry farm with a total investment in the project amounting to more than RUB1 bn (US$33 mln).

It is expected that investments in poultry until 2015 will allow the company to take over 50% of the poultry meat market of the Krasnodar region and to boost supplies to the neighbouring regions.

The implementation of the large reconstruction program will allow the Tbilisi poultry farm to produce 23,400 tonnes in 2014 and about 25,000 tonnes in 2015. In 2013 the poultry farm produced 19,000 tonnes of poultry meat so the project will increase production capacity within two years by almost a third, according to the reports of the company.

In total, the Agrocomplex currently owns 10 large poultry farms. The annual volume of broiler meat production is 80,000-85,000 tonnes. The company has a share of about a third of the local poultry market. With the development program, the company should produce 100,000 tonnes of poultry by 2015.

According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar region in 2015 production of broiler meat in the region should reach 181,700 tonnes. Thus, if Agrocomplex will implement its plans, its market share will exceed 55%.

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