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Ukrainian poultry company continuing normal operations

MHP, a leading Ukraine poultry meat company based in Kiev, is operating as usual throughout the country the company has stated.

On 6 March, MHP's Board of Directors met to evaluate the current situation in Ukraine and its impact on operational and other activities of MHP and its facilities.

As the result it was reported that despite the challenging political situation in Ukraine, the Board and the Company confirmed that all production facilities across all regions of Ukraine work on a regular basis, wherever they are located.

Taking into account the challenging situation in the Crimea, where four MHP facilities are located – including a meat-processing plant and poultry farm- it says there are no difficulties or disruptions either in operations, or with employees and their security.

In general, MHP operational and financial activities are running according to the company's strategy, plans and budget.

The company did not comment on how the situation may change because of the recent referendum and the decision of the majority of Crimea citizens to leave Ukraine for Russia. Experts suggest that the future of the Crimea assets of the company is unclear, just like the future of the peninsula itself.

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