News update:Mar 9, 2016

Lack of efficiency harms poultry production in Belarus

Poultry production in Belarus dropped by 20% in February 2014, according to data recently reported by the National Statistics Committee.

In January 2014 Belarus produced 21,200 tons of poultry meat, while in February, the figure amounted to only 16,000 tonnes. However, experts of the country's Ministry of Agriculture pointed out that compared to the output of February 2013, poultry production in February 2014 increased by 3.8% or 600 tonnes.

Recent research shows that poultry meat production, which is mostly state-owned in the country, is characterised by a low level of efficiency and low profitability. The country is currently considering the reformation of the industry, but it is still unclear how this will take place.

Also it is noteworthy that Belarus, over the past three years, remains the leader in terms of rising poultry prices across the whole post Soviet Union region. The market price for all type of commodities including poultry meat and eggs are set by the government. Last time the Ministry of Economy of Belarus increased the marginal cost prices for poultry on the eve of 2014 by 10%.

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