News update:Mar 9, 2016

Donstar launches large facility for duck production

Donstar, a business unit of Russian turkey breeder Evrodon, has launched a large farm for the production of duck meat with the capacity of 26,000 tonnes of meat per year.

The farm, in the Millerovskiy district of the Rostov region is working in test mode. The total investment in the implementation of the project is estimated at RUB 7 billion (US$220 million) with credit support provided by the Russian Agricultural Bank (RAB).

In the future the capacity of the complex can be increased to the 40,000 tonnes of duck meat in live weight per year; however this will depend on the demand on the Russian market.

"The farm is not comparable with anything else in the history of the Russian and Soviet poultry industry," the press service of RAB boldly states. "Full commissioning of complex facilities, scheduled for early of 2015, will provide the consumer market with chilled duck meat and implement the replacement of imported frozen goods with domestic products of higher quality."

The production complex includes incubators, more than 60 poultry houses, poultry processing plant and feed plant with the grain storage.

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