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Evrodon to get large state subsidy

The government of the Rostov Oblast, located on the south of the European part of Russia, is to give LLC ‘Evrodon’ a subsidy of no less than RUB 1.2 billion (US$31 million) for the creation of engineering and transport infrastructure for the construction of turkey meat production complex.

Authorities have estimated that such support of poultry producers in the context of targeting an alternative to imports is certainly justified. According to the decree, published on the website of the regional government Eurodon will receive the subsidy in the period 2016-2020 years.

"The subsidy is given as reimbursement of costs for the creation of engineering and transport infrastructure and grid connection within the project for the construction of the industrial complex for turkey meat production with the capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year," according to the report.

The proposal to allocate the subsidy has been put forward by the regional Ministry of Agriculture. Evrodon is currently Russia's largest turkey meat producer. The company has large expansion plans. In 2013, it produced 43,000 tonnes of turkey meat, while by the end of 2016 this figure should rise to 133,000 tonnes.

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