News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia produces more, imports less poultry

Between January and June 2015 Russia''s poultry production amounted to 2.247 million tonnes, which is 9.4% or 192,800 tonnes more than during the same period of the previous year, according the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.

Growth in egg production was also recorded during the same period, with a total production of 13.6 billion units. This is 3.2% or 420 million units more than last year, says the report by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The greatest increase in poultry meat production came from the agricultural companies of the Republic of Mari El (37,800 tonnes, +77.4%), the Belgorod Oblast (36,800 tonnes, +11.9%), the Bryansk Oblast (29,800 tonnes, +57.2%).

The biggest growth in the egg industry was achieved by companies of Belgorod Oblast (73.6 million units, +15.9%), Saratov Oblast (65.9 million units, +39.1%), Yaroslavl Oblast (62.5 million units, +12.2%) and Ryazan Oblast (55.2 million units, + 21.6%).

The average prices for chicken on June 6, 2015 was US$ 1,990 (RUB 109,220) per tonne. At the same time, according to data of the Russian State Static Service import of poultry to Russia during the same period dropped by 3.5 times compared with last year.

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