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News update:Feb 3, 2010

Supplying ducks: Grimaud Vietnam created

Multi-species animal genetic selection company Groupe Grimaud has announced the creation of its new subsidiary Grimaud Vietnam Co., Ltd., a new company based in Dong Nai Province in Vietnam.

The purpose of Grimaud Vietnam Co., Ltd. is to produce and to distribute the Grimaud STAR Parent Stock (PS) breeder ducks in Vietnamese market. The company has placed in this month the Grand Parent (GP) STAR duck supplied by Grimaud Freres Selection company in France, and it will allowed the production and the start of supply of the parent stock ducks in Vietnamese market in spring 2010.

Grimaud Vietnam GP duck centre has been specifically designed and built taking in account all the needs and the knowledge for a good bio-security of the GP farm, says the company. It adds that its production will follow a strict procedure of sanitary controls done in collaboration with a local new laboratory also developed with the most advanced technologies for the routine bacteriological analysis. In this condition, the company will provide the breeder ducks with the same sanitary status as required at the international level.

The GP ducks will be replaced from France very regularly in the new Vietnamese farm, in order to always insure the supply of the highest genetic potential in Vietnamese market, taking advantage of the well-known range of STAR breeder ducks of Grimaud Freres Selection. The company will be able to supply the STAR 53 HY, as well as the STAR 42 and STAR 76 duck breeds on their market.

Groupe Grimaud says it believes strongly in Vietnamese duck market and developed this project in collaboration with Evialis Vietnam feed mill company. This investment is done for the very long term, in order to participate to the development of the duck production in this country by making available the best duck genetic to all the Vietnamese duck producers, together with bringing the latest technologies for raising STAR breeder and broiler ducks.

Natalie Berkhout

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