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News update:Sep 27, 2012

Butterball workers charged over animal cruelty

US turkey producer, Butterball, is facing a welfare scandal following an undercover investigation at one of its farms.


Animal rights group, Mercy for Animals, used a hidden camera at the farm about 90 miles south of Raleigh to capture videos of workers kicking, dragging and throwing turkeys, as well as graphic photographs of some severely injured birds.

In response Butterball states that it has fully cooperated with Hoke County law enforcement officials in their investigation of allegations of animal cruelty on the Hoke County turkey breeder farm. As the result of Butterball’s own internal investigation into this matter, Butterball terminated four employees last month due to their failure to comply with the company’s animal care and well-being standards.

“Butterball understands that three of these former associates have been charged with animal cruelty. In addition, Butterball understands that two current Butterball associates have been charged with animal cruelty. Butterball has immediately suspended these two current associates pending final disciplinary action.”

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