Necrotic Enteritis

Necrotic enteritis is not a new disease, but it became a more significant problem after the implimentation of the ban on in-feed antibiotics. Reintroducing these antibiotics is not a solution, so producers have to learn how to prevent the problem. This starts with understanding the cause, followed by taking all necessary measures.


Photo: Phileo by Lasffre

Dietary solution to combat NE challenge

In the industry’s battle to keep reducing the use of antibiotics in poultry production, ‘prevention’ is the key...

Human health and animal health are closely related, as addressed  during the 3rd IHSIG symposium ‘One World, One Health’. [Photos: Phileo, Lesaffre Animal Care]

Diagnosing dysbiosis in broilers

In October, 2015, IHSIG held the 3rd symposium ‘One World, One Health’ in Ghent, Belgium. Different scientists...

Broiler growers should observe birds closely at around 17–18 days of age because this is often when outbreaks of NE occur. Typically, this is also the time that diets are switched from starter feed to grower feed, causing some dietry stress. [Photo: Frank Uylenbroek]

The true cost of necrotic enteritis

Necrotic enteritis has increased in occurrence and severity over the years. When it comes to the damage it...