Dick Ziggers Editor: AllAboutFeed / Blog: Poultry Industry

After graduating from Larenstein Agricultural College Dick Ziggers started his career as a technical adviser in the poultry sector for a large Dutch feed manufacturer (then CTA, now ForFarmers). During that period he also took care of the cooperative’s periodical that was sent out to its members. The decision to become a full time journalist was made and he found a job as an editor of the market section of Agrarisch Dagblad, the unique Dutch agricultural daily.   Because his skills and experience were mainly in the poultry sector he quickly obtained a job as a journalist for the Dutch national weekly poultry magazine "Pluimveehouderij". Already taking care of the international stories for the magazine the foundation was laid for an international career and after nine years he switched to the International group within Reed Business Information to start writing for World Poultry (www.worldpoultry.net ).   Soon after the previous editor of Feed Tech left there was a opportunity to close the circle again and return to the feed industry to become editor of Feed Tech, which in 2010 merged with its sister magazine Feed Mix to a new AllAboutFeed publication and its accompanying website www.AllAboutFeed.net. Dick sadly died suddenly on the 18th November 2012. The world lost an outstanding journalist and fine individual - he will be forever remembered and forever missed.