Ronozyme HiPhos from DSM receives EU approval

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Ronozyme HiPhos from DSM receives EU approval
Ronozyme HiPhos from DSM receives EU approval

DSM celebrates the 20-year existence of phytase and the EU approval of its latest version Ronozyme HiPhos.

Initially launched in Latin America last year, Ronozyme HiPhos promises unprecedented benefits for livestock farmers in Europe. It is the most powerful phytase in the global feed enzyme market, which the business research company Freedonia Group predicts will be worth $520 million in 2013.

When added to pig and poultry diets, it covers many of the needs previously covered by a wide range of individual feed phosphate additives, and feed formulations using Ronozyme HiPhos release nearly twice the level of phosphorous from feed materials as do current competitor phytase products.

This noticeably cuts feed costs and the additional savings are up to €2 per tonne feed compared to any other phytase product available on the market today, DSM states.

It also significantly reduces the environmental impact of livestock farming, as less phosphorus is excreted by livestock on a diet containing the enzyme.

Dick Ziggers Editor: AllAboutFeed / Blog: Poultry Industry
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