Belarus restricts Dutch and German poultry imports

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Belarus restricts Dutch and German poultry imports
Belarus restricts Dutch and German poultry imports

Belarus has restricted poultry imports from the Netherlands and Germany following the outbreaks of low pathogenic avian influenza H5N3, the Veterinary and Food Control Department of the Agriculture and Food Ministry announced, according to the local media BelTA.

According to the World Organization for Animal Health, low pathogenic avian influenza H5N3 has been registered in Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, and Groningen Province, the Netherlands.

“In this regard Belarus introduces temporary restrictions on the import of live birds, incubator eggs, down and feather, poultry meat and all kinds of poultry-breeding products, forage and forage additives made of poultry, second-hand equipment used to keep and slaughter poultry from the mentioned administrative territories,” the department said. At the same time all the previously issued permits to import the above-mentioned products from the mentioned administrative territories are cancelled.

Basing on the agreement on the single import policies the countries of the Custom Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan previously agreed that all the veterinary restrictions imposed by one member of the Union should later be imposed by all other members. Therefore, Russian and Kazakhstan veterinary authorities should, in the near future, discuss the implementation of the same restrictions.

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Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent