Biomin puts phytogenics in focus at VIV Asia

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Biomin puts phytogenics in focus at VIV Asia. Photo: Shutterstock
Biomin puts phytogenics in focus at VIV Asia. Photo: Shutterstock

Animal nutrition company Biomin is organising a technical seminar on the use of phytogenics (plant extracts) in animal diets at the upcoming VIV Asia.

Feed efficiency is the top priority of livestock producers globally according to recent survey results. Phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) continue to gain attention from livestock producers in the context of improving FCR and the use of antibiotics.

This conference will utilise global experiences to outline how phytogenic feed additives add value to pig and poultry production. It will delve deeper into the benefits of phytogenic feed additives, explore the scientific findings on feed efficiency and give you a glimpse at the next generation of phytogenics.

The event has 4 excellent expert speakers including:


  • Marc Guinnement, Managing Director Biomin Asia will speak about the phytogenic market of today and tomorrow.
  • Tony Edwards from ACE Livestock Consulting, Australia will speak about achieving Optimum gut health and performance in pigs and the role phytogenics have.
  • Maarten de Gussem from Vetworks, Belgium will talk about poultry and the key lessons drawn from applying phytogenics in poultry production systems.
  • Last but not least, Neil Gannon, Regional Product Manager at Biomin will unveil the next generation Digestarom®.


The seminar will include a panel discussion with Q&A. The event is chaired by Emmy Koeleman, Editor All About Feed.

Don’t miss out! The event takes place on Thursday, March 16 (14:00 – 16:00h) in BITEC – VIV Asia 2017, Room 220/221. Reserve your seat here.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor