DON presence often missed in poultry diagnosis

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DON presence often missed in poultry diagnosis
DON presence often missed in poultry diagnosis

Deoxynivalenol (DON) presence may be an accelerating factor in many health problems in poultry, without being directly pathogenic for poultry. This was one of the main take-home messages Luca Vandi gave during the Mycotoxins in Focus symposium at May 21, during VIV Europe, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Vandi called DON a ‘predisposing factor for other problems’ and said that symptoms derived by DON are not clear and often confused with other causes. He pointed to DON having a negative synergistic effect with trichotechenes type-A and said that ‘there is a wrong attitude to consider poultry more tolerant to DON exposure’.

To illustrate his story, he gave examples of clinical signs that could but do not necessarily have to point to mycotoxin occurrence, like e.g. gizzard lesions and impaired feathering.

The symposium was organised jointly by Biomin and World Poultry’s sister title AllAboutFeed.

Other speakers at the symposium were Karin Nährer, Biomin, Austria, who gave a global overview of the extent of the mycotoxin problem all over the world; and André van Lankveld, Biomin, the Netherlands, who focused on mycotoxin problems in pigs.

Altogether, the event attracted over 80 people.

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Ter Beek
Vincent Ter Beek Editor: Pig Progress