Feed additives firm Nutriad to expand in Illinois

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Feed additives firm Nutriad to expand in Illinois
Feed additives firm Nutriad to expand in Illinois

The US unit of the Belgium-based animal feed additives company Nutriad will expand operations in North America by building new offices, laboratories, and production complex in Hampshire, IL.

The town is located about 72 km (45 miles) north west of O’Hare airport and about 19 km (12 miles) west of Nutriad’s current North America headquarters. The facility, which is about half a hectare (50,000 plus square foot) facility will enable the company to more effectively coordinate its production activities with suppliers in its supply chain.

It will also strengthen the logistics capabilities of the company by supporting the six Nutriad warehouses that are strategically located across Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Production of products in the company’s Palatability and Digestive Performance product families will be based in Hampshire.

“The new facility will provide enhanced platforms of production, innovation and order fulfilment,” according to Keith Klanderman, President of Nutriad, Inc. He also said “The current senior management team will leverage its collective 140 years of experience, vision and market knowledge to expand the company’s footprint in the feed additive arena.”

Erik Visser, CEO of Nutriad International recently stated at a business forum in Dendermonde, Belgium, “Nutriad feels committed to the North American market. We have had considerable success over the past decades addressing the specific needs of the feed industry. Our investment in new office and production facilities is a natural step forward in our relationship with the market.”

The plan is to move into the production and warehouse areas in late March and the new office and laboratories by early June 2015. At an industry function in October 2014, Klanderman, added, “The potent combination of leadership and innovation coupled with the new facility’s functionality, will establish a foundation of excellence which will serve Nutriad and its customers well for the next ten years. We are excited about current developments and eager to embrace the future with confidence and a renewed commitment.”

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