In-ovo vaccination system for small scale producers

16-06-2014 | | |
In-ovo vaccination system for small scale producers
In-ovo vaccination system for small scale producers

Sanovo Vax, a manufacturer of advanced in-ovo technologies for the commercial poultry industry, has introduced a semi-automatic solution to equip regional, specialty and small to midsize poultry producers with the benefits of consistent, accurate and bio-secure in-ovo vaccination.

The Vaxxinator 1000 Manual in-ovo vaccination system delivers the same core capabilities of Sanovo Vax’s fully automated technology in a smaller, compact footprint. The machine provides flexibility to hatcheries operating with limited floor space or infrastructure, enabling them to maximise poultry production efficiently and cost-effectively.

Poultry producers operating with smaller layouts and throughput must not only address a growing consumer demand for locally sourced meat and poultry but also contend with larger industry issues. Globally, the poultry sector is experiencing turmoil stemming from mounting feed prices, diseases outbreaks and staunch industry competition. For poultry growers in emerging sectors or serving niche markets, integrating in-ovo vaccination will help address the growing importance of disease prevention while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

The Vaxxinator 1000 Manual system incorporates the same level of bio-security and precision vaccine delivery as commercially-scaled in-ovo machines at half the size. Hatchery personnel operate the system via manual transfer of egg tray flats, reducing the incidence of operator error while improving broiler welfare and overall flock health. The Vaxxinator 1000 can process up to 48,000 eggs per hour, enabling smaller hatcheries with limited resources to benefit from the speed, efficiency and bio-security of the latest in-ovo vaccination technologies.

“There is a misconception in the industry that the benefits of in-ovo vaccination only extend to large-scale poultry producers,” said Patrick O’Haver, vice president of sales, Sanovo Vax. “Driving this standard for sanitation and reliability to a broader segment of hatcheries will only raise product quality throughout the industry. Since our core focus is manufacturing technology, Sanovo Vax can deliver a cost-effective, high quality system that improves operations and cuts costs in the process.”

The semi-automatic machine features complete disinfection following every injection and a fully automated cleaning cycle to ensure maximum bio-security. Designed for flexibility and easy-to-use operation, the Vaxxinator can inject one flat or a set of flats simultaneously and is compatible with all major brand formats. For smaller hatcheries still vaccinating chicks subcutaneously, this new machine streamlines the traditionally long and labor-intensive process, protecting chicks in the embryo and reducing the time to transfer.