Liquid feed acid effective against Salmonellae

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Liquid feed acid effective against Salmonellae
Liquid feed acid effective against Salmonellae

In-vitro testing at the IFA Tulln (Austria) in August 2012 showed that Schaumacid S, a liquid feed acid developed by Schaumann, gave a lasting reduction of Salmonella bacteria.

Both Gram-negative bacteria (Salmonellae, E. coli) and Gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococci, Clostridia) were demonstrably reduced. Salmonella growth was reduced to 4.7 % compared with the control (100 %), and Clostridia growth to 3 %.

Schaumacid S is a combination of short-chain and medium-chain acids which is added to the feed mix or administered via the drinking water. The careful selection of acids effectively reduces the rate of Salmonella invasion in the intestinal tract. In addition, the microbial colonisation of the digestive tract is supported with beneficial intestinal flora and animal health is promoted.

Further information on effective Salmonella reduction is available from Schaumann’s

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