On-demand webinar: Poultry health and nutrition

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On demand: Webinar Poultry Health & Nutrition
On demand: Webinar Poultry Health & Nutrition

Tune in to our on demand webinar to get up to speed on the latest insights on challenges and perspectives on health and nutrition in poultry.

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  • On demand: Webinar Poultry Health & Nutrition

In this webinar 3 experts focus on general health and nutrition and on the Asian perspective on this so important topic. The main theme being how to achieve healthier poultry through a balanced gut health and supplying the bird with all the necessary nutrients it requires.

Fabian Brockotter hosted the webinar and was joined via live video feed by:

  • Surendra Bade, Marketing Director ASPAC Danisco Animal Nutrition, who explains how to ‘Counter the effects of heat stress’
  • Jean-Christophe Bodin, Sr. Global Technical Product Manager Poultry at Chr. Hansen, who talks about why a good microbiome robustness, is key to prevent pathogenic outbreaks.
  • Yuwares Ruangpanit, Ph.D., Department of Animal Science, Kasetsart University, Thailand – on what practical approaches can be undertaken to minimise feed cost and maintain efficiency gain.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World