On-demand webinar: Early feeding of day-old chicks

On-demand webinar: Early feeding of day-old chicks

Just recently, Poultry World hosted a webinar on the benefits of early feeding to promote health and ensure performance of day-old chicks in later life. This webinar is now available to re-watch online via the link below. Don’t miss out on the valuable contributions of our expert speakers.

Recent studies have shown that chicks that have early access to feed and water, either in the hatchery or in the barn, resulted in higher body weights and fewer footpad lesions in later life. Our 3 expert speakers shared their knowledge on how to give chicks the best start in life.

Presentations and speakers

‘Alternative hatching systems applying early feeding: effects on broiler welfare and performance’
Ingrid de Jong, senior scientific researcher and project manager, Department of Animal Welfare and Animal Health, Wageningen Livestock Research 

‘The power of good bacteria from day 1’
Antoine Meuter, global product technical manager, Poultry, CHR Hansen

‘Optimal early life conditions: a powerful long-lasting weapon against poultry diseases’
Jan Wijnen, researcher poultry incubation and early feed, Hatchtech

Don’t miss out on this interesting webinar, available now, on demand and at no cost.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World