Tune in to our Health & Disease webinar

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Tune in to our Health & Disease webinar
Tune in to our Health & Disease webinar

In a few hours World Poultry will host its Health & Disease webinar. The webinar will focus on healthier poultry through water, feed, disease prevention and management in cooperation with speakers from the Dutch veterinary service, Perstorp and Vitfoss.

Join now and log on to view this event live. We will be live at 3 pm Central European Summer Time. This corresponds to e.g. 9 am Atlanta, Georgia, 10 am São Paulo, Brazil, 4 pm in Moscow, Russia, 8 pm in Bangkok, Thailand and 9 pm in Beijing, China. Attendance is free.

This line-up will be:


Healthy water for healthy poultry

Toxicologist Guillaume Counotte Ph.D. and poultry veterinarian Jeanine Wiegel MSc of the renowned Dutch Animal Health service, GD Animal Health will share their expertise on drinking water. While being the most important necessity of life, the quality aspect of water is often underestimated, as are the negative consequences of sub-optimal drinking water. In a duo presentation. Counotte and Wiegel will shed some light on water quality and the effects on the bird.


How to prevent entero-pathogens to grow along the digestive tract

Veterinarian José M. Ros has been involved in poultry production of over 30 years. Over the last 10 years his main focus has been the use of organic acids as a tool for improving gut health and performance in animal production. Nowadays he is responsible for technical and marketing development of gut health and performance solutions in Perstorp Feed & Food in Latin-América and Mediterranean Region. He will delve into why organic acids are amongst the most commonly used additives for feed and water sanitation worldwide and how it correlates to gut health and performance improvement.


Setting a new standard in animal biosecurity, a strategy of prevention

Veterinarian Plamen Nikolov is currently Product Manager Stalosan at Vitfoss A/S Denmark. In his technical support role he travels the world and now shares his experiences in improving animal biosecurity. He will touch upon all facets in- and outside the poultry house, before, during and after the actual production period. Biosecurity isn’t a one-time action, it is an all incorporating strategy.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World