Webinar on demand: Gut Integrity in poultry

25-09-2020 | | |
Photo: Misset
Photo: Misset

Poultry World and All About Feed recently broadcasted an exclusive webinar on Gut Integrity in Poultry, its importance, challenges and phytogenic solutions. Now available to view!

Together with partner Novus we share the latest knowledge on this important and all encompassing topic. If you missed out on the live session, the webinar is now available to view on demand.

Watch the webinar for free – simply registering here  

Watch the webinar for free – simply registering here  

Listen to Prof Dr Filip Van Immerseel’s take on ‘Intestinal integrity and the microbiota, the 2 key mediators of intestinal function’.

Also learn about:

  • the function of the digestive tract,
  • the defence mechanisms in the gut,
  • the challenges which it encounters and
  • last but not least, the importance of optimised microbial composition and support intestinal function.

Following on from Van Immerseel’s presentation, Dr Sven Keller delves into the inner workings of Next Enhance 150, a broad spectrum gut health solution for broilers.

See both speakers explain in detail where birds’ challenges lie and where to intervene to sustain a profitable broiler operation. Hear how they respond to questions from both the webinars host Fabian Brockotter and the live audience.

Webinars on demand
Poultry World has presented webinars on topics such as poultry production, health, and nutrition. If you missed these webinars, they are now available.

Watch the webinar for free – simply registering here  

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World