ADAS to discontinue poultry research in UK

16-04-2007 | |

As of the end of September 2007, ADAS will no longer be involved in poultry research, however, it will continue its poultry consultancy service. This news follows the announcement made in February that ADAS was closing its pig research site at Terrington St Clement.

After a strategic review of its livestock R&D activity, ADAS decided to withdraw from its poultry research site in Nottinghamshire. Under the terms of the agreement, the poultry research unit will be sold with vacant possession during the course of 2007.
ADAS will continue to undertake other livestock research on four sites.
“We regret the loss of our poultry research capability, and the decision has been taken purely on commercial grounds, due to a decline in research throughput. However, we are consolidating our poultry strategic consultancy and policy delivery capability, where we are experiencing a strong and increasing demand for our expertise,” said managing director Colin Speller.
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