Ample supply of turkeys this Thanksgiving

12-09-2007 | |
Ample supply of turkeys this Thanksgiving

It is expected that consumers in California will find it easy to get a turkeys at Thanksgiving this year, says the California Farm Bureau Federation.

The California Poultry Federation has confirmed that most California growers have contracts with retailers for a set number of birds. Even though feed prices remain high, turkey farmers are receiving good prices, providing their needed margin.
In the central San Joaquin Valley, raising turkeys is big business. In 2006, Fresno County led at $47.8 million, Merced County had $45.2 million in turkey production, followed by Kings County at $17.4 million and Tulare County at $7.4 million. Statewide, turkeys were a $142 million commodity in 2005.
The most common variety of turkey raised is the Broadbreasted White.  However, there is a growing interest in old-fashioned varieties of turkeys known as heritage turkeys. Birds including the Narragansett, Standard Bronze, Black and Bourbon Red also are being raised. Those turkeys are known for their flavourful meat.
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