Aviagen goes hands-on in Russia

23-09-2008 | |

Aviagen recently held their annual Russian technical seminar in Perm, central Russia, where personnel provided technical information and advice through presentations and demonstrations.

One of the highlights of the seminar was the presentation of the Russian Best Flock Awards.
The seminar was different from previous Aviagen events in that it moved from the classroom to the farm. Permskaya, Aviagen’s customer in the Perm area, opened their farm to other customers to allow Aviagen technical staff to offer hands-on demonstrations.
Neil Clark provided a ventilation display and Akos Klausz showcased best vaccination techniques. Presentations on both of these subjects, as well as male management and benchmarking, were given at the event.
Russia Best Flock Awards
Stavropolski Broiler won the award for best overall Parent Stock flock performance an average of 134 chicks per hen housed. The second award, for best individual flock performance, went to Permskaya, who achieved 143 chicks per hen housed.
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