Aviagen opens state-of-the-art hatchery

17-03-2009 | |
Aviagen opens state-of-the-art hatchery

Aviagen has invested over €12 mln in a new parent stock hatchery in Hilbersdorf near Dresden in Germany. This hatchery is said to be the biggest in Europe with a capacity of about 1 mln eggs per week, and chick output of 12.5 mln females per year.

The new facility enhances the European supply network of Aviagen, which provides customers with stock from hatcheries in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, France and Hungary, as well as via key European distributors based in Northern Ireland, Spain, France, Sweden and Finland.

The hatchery, which was supplied by Petersime from Belgium, has been built in Hilbersdorf for a variety of reasons. First, it is centrally located close to 3 major airports, an extensive motorway network and near to the Czech and Polish borders. This means that customers throughout West Central Europe will benefit from shorter transit times.

The hatchery has been built on a 47,000 sq m site, of which the building footprint is 6,652 sq m. It has been designed with bio-security as the key consideration – all floors, walls and ceilings can be cleaned with powerful and effective detergents. Truck and box washing are separate. Also the truck entrance and exit are separate and there is one way traffic management. The whole site is fenced in with safety cameras and remote controlled gates.

Car parking for staff and personnel is separate. There’s a maintenance room with external access for servicing. The central corridor has separate entrances to chick and egg areas. Visitor policy is very strict and for entering the hatchery there’s is 100% shower in / out policy.

Petersime supplied all-state-of-the-art AirStreamer hatchers and setters and most related equipment. Washing machines were supplied by Unikon and sexing tables by Viscon.

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