Bacteria control product to begin testing in US poultry plants

09-03-2007 | |

Tasker Blue has consistently tested effective in significantly lowering these and other bacteria during poultry processing under research conditions.

Tasker Products Corp. (US), a distributor and marketer technology effective in inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, has scheduled proprietary tests of its Tasker Blue application at several of the nation’s leading poultry processors. The tests, which include scald water containing Tasker Blue, sprayed solution and product chilled in a concentration of Tasker Blue, are expected to conclude over the coming months.
This comes on the heels of the USDA‘s recently announced plans to implement an inspection program focused on facilities that produce food vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections, especially on foods that can have high rates of E.coli and Salmonella.
Tasker Blue has been in use at two poultry processing plants since it received consent by the USDA to market its product for use in the scalder and picker intervention points.
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