Betagro focus on new ventilation system

28-09-2009 | |

Thai Betagro Group has formed a partnership to market energy-saving products for the livestock industry in local and export markets.

B. International and Technology, a unit of Betagro, has entered into an agreement to exclusively distribute Kooling Max, a liquid product from Earth Concept, a Thai manufacturer and distributor of natural cleaning materials.

Used with a cooling pad in the ventilation system at livestock farms, Kooling Max lowers temperatures, cutting water consumption, electricity bills and animal mortality, says Cherdchai Sinsarng, general manager of B. International and Technology.

Experimental test
“At an experimental test, the capacity would bring down operating costs for chicken by 0.50 baht (€0.01) per kilogramme, or 2% to 3% over about six weeks of raising,” he says, adding that B. International plans to sell about 20,000 litres of Kooling Max in 2010 earning about 15 million baht (just over €300,000) in revenue.

Although this is a minor contribution to the company’s expected revenue of more than 300 million baht this year, B. International sees good prospects for the product from the strong growth in the livestock industry in Thailand and many Asian countries, planning to tap this growth by distributing the Kooling Max abroad together with other farm products; ventilation controllers, cooling pads and silo weighing scales.

“Kooling Max will reduce energy use in line with the green marketing concept and conforms with international rules on animal welfare,” he says, adding that the resulting energy savings would raise the competitiveness of the Thai livestock industry.

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