Biomin develops GutPower: a unique acid mix

23-09-2009 | |
Biomin develops GutPower: a unique acid mix

At the recently held Space Livestock Show, Biomin introduced a new generation of protected acids: Biotronic® GutPower to be used in pig and poultry feed.

Biomin’s new product is designed to improve nutrient utilization and prevent against pathogens. It fortifies the animal gut making the absorption surface of the intestine larger and protects animals from pathogens through direct action and upgrading of physical barrier function of the intestinal wall.

Protected form

The main ingredients of the product are butyric, caprylic and capric acids in the protected glycerides form. Glycerides are split into glycerol and free fatty acids by pancreatic

lipase. This specific form of protection guarantees gastric by-pass and slow release of acids in the intestine where all acids become active.

Improved gut flora

This mode of action increases absorptive surface of the intestine and leads to an enlarged gut villi length and crypt depth resulting in an increased and improved absorptive surface area of the intestine.

The product also acts against pathogens as it inhibits pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli through the “organic acids” antimicrobial mechanism. Moreover, it down-regulates the pathogenity gene of Salmonella, thereby decreasing the invasion capacity of the Salmonella.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist