Business Update: Poultry industry milestones

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Business Update: Poultry industry milestones
Business Update: Poultry industry milestones

New services, products, additives and concepts have been launched in to the international poultry market recently. Which one can you apply successfully at your poultry farm – and can be found where? This concise overview gets you up to date.

HatchTech celebrates its 20th anniversary

This year, HatchTech is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Since the 1990s, the original ideal of drastically improving incubation technology has grown into a renowned concept that provides superior chick quality to the global poultry market. The ideal of superior chick quality may have started with just 1 man with a great idea, but now HatchTech is a team of more than 100 employees, located all over the globe.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and partners who have supported us over the years, helping us to improve the global poultry industry,” says HatchTech’s president/CEO, Tjitze Meter. “We’re looking forward to a bright future with even more fruitful partnerships to support us on our ongoing superior chick quality journey.”

Cobb-Vantress celebrates success over 100 Years

The centennial theme unveiled by Cobb-Vantress at the IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia, will be carried forward around the world throughout the year – with emphasis on the importance of relationships in the company’s success. At the show a new trade booth was unveiled along with a restored 1929 Ford Model A chick truck, a replica of the vehicle that delivered Cobb chicks to customers in Alabama during the late 1940s and 1950s.

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“I am very proud of our employees and what they’ve done to make Cobb so successful and such a great place to work,” said Jerry Moye, president of Cobb.  “At the same time, I’m very grateful to all of our great customers and partners that helped us achieve this amazing milestone of 100 years.  It is the relationships we’ve built over a century that keep us moving forward, and the genetic progress year-on-year and the advances in technology that help us prepare to feed the world of tomorrow.”

Successful BALTISA seminar held in Russia

BALTISA, the exclusive distributor of Hubbard for Russia and CIS countries, organised its annual seminar in Sotchi, Russia at the end of 2015 with over 150 participants, from more than 50 poultry companies in Russia and neighbouring countries.

Being the number 1 breed in Russia for many years now, the Hubbard F15 continues to progress on all traits that matter for the integrators: lowest feed consumed per day-old chick, highest day-old chick output per m², highest total meat yield per m², excellent growth, optimal carcass quality and an unbeatable FCR. A strong technical focus was therefore given on the proper broiler feeding and management. Particular emphasis was provided on broiler start, feed presentation, ventilation, litter quality, and on the conditions to maximise true yields at the processing plant as well as on carcass quality.

Maagir Farm Corporation expands in the Philippines

Maagir Farm Corporation, Pas Reform‘s local representative in the Philippines, is investing in substantial expansion to support its customers in the country’s growing agri-business sector. 13 new members of staff have been appointed to expand the Maagir team, bringing additional resources to functions across the company, from accounting and admin support to warehousing and logistics. The company’s technical support team welcomes half of the newcomers, with 6 new appointments to provide technical back-up for customers throughout the country.

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In addition to the new members of the Maagir family, a new 1,300m2 contract warehouse has also been acquired, to house equipment and building materials. Despite the devastation caused by Typhoon Koppu last Autumn, Maagir’s president Mr Victor Velonza says the country’s poultry sector has continued to grow, with chicken and egg production up by almost 9 and 10% respectively.

New website for French trade show SPACE

International animal husbandry show SPACE, held annually in September in Rennes, France, has completely revamped its website. By putting more emphasis on visuals, news and special contents for exhibitors, visitors, journalists and partners, the show organisation hopes to have improved the website’s navigation and interactivity.

New features will be gradually integrated before SPACE 2016. The 30th edition of the show will be held 13-16 September, 2016.

Fieldale Farms Wins Top US Cobb Flock Award

Top award in the Cobb500 US Breeder Sold Flock Survey for 2015 has gone to Fieldale Farms, located in Baldwin, Georgia, achieving an average of 178.05 total eggs per hen housed. The Cobb500 Breeder Sold Flock Survey summarised the performance of more than 2400 flocks representing 43 million pullets capitalised at 25 weeks of age.  The survey covers hatching and total eggs, hen liveability, feed consumption, hatchability and chicks/hen, and also provides 6 regional awards.

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The top performing 2015 Cobb500 flock housed at the Vandiver Farm averaged 192.44 total eggs/hen housed with a hatchability of 85.94% and 161.70 chicks/hen housed.  “This is an incredible accomplishment and some 25 eggs better than the average Cobb500 flock in 2015,” added Jeff Steed, Cobb southeast technical manager Jeff Steed.

InVivo NSA acquires Agrindustria

French-based InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health (Invivo NSA) has acquired Agrindustria, an Italian analytical laboratory specialised in research and analysis: agribusiness, animal science, toxicology and pollutants. This acquisition strengthens the company’s support capacity worldwide. The acquisition of Agrindustria enables InVivo Labs, the lab analysis subsidiary of Invivo NSA, to strengthen its positions in southern Europe.

Based in Modena for over 30 years, Agrindustria develops chemical and microbiological analyses for animal nutrition, human nutrition and the wine industry. The company also conducts contamination diagnostics and environment-related inspection plans (soil, air and water).

First Arbor Acres 140 Club member in Russia

The first Russian company, JSC Agrokomplex N.I. Tkachev, has gained membership to the Arbor Acres 140 Club with a result of 140.2 chicks per hen housed. This achievement places the company in a leading position in the poultry industry in Russia as well as providing them with recognition as a highly successful enterprise globally.

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Evgeny Nikolaevich Khvorostina, director general, said, “The company’s consistent growth and outstanding performance are down to the exceptional hard work of our team and a series of strategic investments. Over the years we have managed to attain excellent results, such as live meat production of 96.9 thousand tonne per annum and a record-breaking average daily bodyweight gain for Russia of 61.5 g, with our FCR equalling the European standard. We are ambitious and set the bar as high as possible to ensure that we are constantly improving.”

Pancosma discusses non-nutrition concept

A group of 60 distinguished scientists and leading players of the feed industry gathered in Luzern, Switzerland, 3-4 February 2016, for the 5th edition of the Pancosma Worldwide Scientific Exchange (PWSE). This scientific congress hosted by the Swiss feed additives manufacturer Pancosma discussed the latest cutting-edge concepts in animal nutrition and health. This year’s event was titled ‘The 21st century animal nutritionist: the master of non-nutrition’. Main theme was to demonstrate the beneficial effects of non-nutrition on animal health and productivity.

Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects