Central American congress in Panama started

24-05-2012 | |
Central American congress in Panama started

“Ensuring the nutritional future in Central America and the Caribbean” is the theme of this years’ biennial event for this region. This time around Panama City is hosting the congress and show.

An inaugural session was the official start of the 22nd edition of the congress last Wednesday. The event attracts poultry producers and professionals from all across the region. And to a limited extent also from other parts of the world, mainly North America and Europe.

“Like elsewhere in the world, poultry is also on the increase in Central America”, said Fantina B. de Arce, president of the organizing committee in her welcome address to the congress. “Producers will have to meet with the changing demands of the consumer and understand their role on the global market place”, she added. “As such, knowledge and technology in the region must be future oriented. The technical sessions and the tradeshow which is taking place concurrently, will be very useful to meeting these goals. Almost all the major suppliers are on display and quite a number of them are supporting the congress through their sponsorship. This proves the importance of the event.”

Through cutting a ribbon by Mrs De Arce and other officials, the event in Panama took off officially. It will last up till Friday.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist