Challenges of the poultry industry

30-05-2011 | |
Challenges of the poultry industry

In spite of substantial qualitative and quantitative advancements in different sectors of the poultry industry, the industry will continue to face numerous challenges on a global basis.


Some of these challenges are presented here:

1. Feed cost and continuous efforts to get a better understanding of available alternative feed ingredients.  As of right now, feed cost is probably one of the most serious challenges for the industry.

2. Disease outbreaks and implementation of biosecurity programs, although the extent and also types of disease outbreaks can vary in different parts of the world. In addition, diseases of metabolic origin including ascites and skeletal disorders are of importance as well.

3. Issues surrounding inclusion of antibiotics in poultry feed and also the use of alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters.

4. Safety of poultry products for human consumption.

5. Poultry welfare-related issues such as banning the use of conventional cages at layer farms.

6. Nutrition-related environmental issues (excretion of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in the manure).

7. Issues related to water in terms of both quality and quantity.

How significant have the impact of these challenges been on the poultry industry in your country or region? Please share your opinions/experiences here.





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