Cobb: Broiler ventilation seminar in Czech Republic

28-04-2008 | |

More than 80 professionals from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Germany attended the broiler ventilation seminar organised by Cobb Germany and AGE Company at the Czech Tech Agro Fair.

High feed prices, energy and fuel costs have made the broiler business very challenging and now one must focus attention on energy saving and better performance, said Lubor Skalka, Cobb Germany market manager. One of the most critical factors is adequate ventilation in the broiler house, so that energy in the house can be used efficiently.
Cobb-Vantress ventilation specialist Robert Barnwell, who has over 30 years of experience in poultry ventilation, spoke about the role of good ventilation and its impact on improved performance in terms of better health, weight gain, liveability and feed conversion.
He described the most efficient ways to provide good air quality and environment throughout the whole life of the chicken, with the first 14 days being the most important.
The seminar was closed by Ladislav Martinek, director of the AGE, a leading Czech company in poultry equipment. He spoke of their new projects, which would closely follow the Cobb recommendation for ventilation of broiler houses.
“The seminar provided farmers with a better understanding of modern broilers and how the ventilation in chicken houses actually works,” added Lubor Skalka.
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