Cobb Germany celebrates 10 years

12-09-2008 | |

More than 40 Cobb Germany colleagues, technicians, sales managers and veterinarians from 20 countries took part in a grand courtyard festival at Baasdorf, Germany, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company.

The initial target of Cobb Germany was to hatch 2.5 mln Cobb 500 parents for nearby markets and production is heading towards 10 mln. 
Jerry Moye, president of Cobb and Steve Parsons, MD of Cobb Europe, Middle East, Africa and staff took the opportunity to congratulate the whole Cobb Germany team on the growing success.
A technical symposium was also held in Dessau where the latest technical advice on breeder and broiler management was presented so that customers can utilise the full genetic potential of the Cobb 500, the world’s most popular broiler breed.