Cobb Germany seminar held at Black Sea resort

03-07-2013 | |
Cobb Germany seminar held at Black Sea resort

A joint two-day seminar at Golden Sands sea resort in Bulgaria was attended by 50 Bulgarian and 36 Romanian delegates.

James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, opened the seminar with a presentation on the Cobb 500 and its positive qualities, also focusing on broiler industry perspectives and the current world situation.

“In Romania customers are now reaping the benefits of working with our Cobb Germany man, Catalin Postolea in the local markets,” said James Truscott. “Sales increase as customers reap benefits from the excellent service supplied. The established Bulgarian market gains from the products versatility and advances at all levels of the business from breeder farmer to processor.”

Dr Ron Meijerhof, Cobb Germany Consultant, spoke about the lighting programme for parent stock and what is needed for maximum broiler productivity. Dr Matthias Todte, chief veterinarian of Cobb Germany, introduced vaccination programmes against virus diseases while Paul Welton, of Cobb Europe, covered ventilation and heating.