Consumer group faults top poultry processors on Salmonella

07-07-2006 | |
Consumer group faults top poultry processors on Salmonella

Some of the largest poultry processing operations in the US fail federal Salmonella standards, according to recent ‘name and shame’ information provided by a consumer advocacy group.

Food & Water Watch yesterday claimed that this information proves that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is not working hard enough to reduce Salmonella at poultry plants. They called for increased testing and tougher legislation to reduce Salmonella.

The processors named included Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride, Goldkist, Perdue Farms, Wayne Farms, and Foster Farms.

The advocacy group obtained the names of the plants, which are not usually publicly released, through the US Freedom of Information Act.

The testing results are from the USDA’s routine sampling programme for Salmonella. The report lists 106 broiler chicken plants in 27 states and Puerto Rico that failed at least one Salmonella test over a seven year period.

The consumer group is calling on the USDA to formally ask federal lawmakers to pass legislation making microbial testing performance standards enforceable. The legislation would also require the agency to publish the results of Salmonella testing for every plant on its Internet site.