CPK: big purchase with SKOV

21-01-2009 | |

SKOV A/S has entered into an agreement for the supply of complete ventilation systems (Combi-Tunnel) for Charoen Pokphand Public Company Ltd. in Thailand.

“For several years, we have supplied components for ventilation systems, e.g. climate computers for approx. 250 poultry houses, owned by Charoen Pokphand Public Company Ltd., but this time, the customer has opted for complete ventilation systems,” says Sales Manager for Thailand Mr Amnat Koenchai, SKOV A/S.

The complete ventilation systems are to be installed on 3 farms in the Nakhon Ratchasima, Lamphun and  Lopburi provinces. All regions are characterised in significant temperature fluctuations with low night temperatures during the cool season.

Charoen Pokphand is one of the largest poultry producers in Asia with a weekly production of 6-7 million broilers.

Climate computers

Furthermore, SKOV has entered into an agreement with Charoen Pokphand for the supply of climate computers for 275 broiler houses in Thailand. The livestock houses will be equipped with DOL 339 climate computers.

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