Data needs to be applicable

27-07-2018 | |
Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World
Data needs to be applicable. Photo: Shutterstock
Data needs to be applicable. Photo: Shutterstock

Poultry producers from every continent of the world gathered recently at the VIV Europe exhibition. The show itself made a shift from nutrition to data solutions and that made it both novel and very interesting. If this edition of VIV thought us one thing, it is that anything you can think of in modern poultry production, there is an app developed for it.

Data is indeed the buzzword and it is essential too. However, the big question is, what can you do with it as a producer?

The variation in solutions and systems is huge, in every branch of the industry. From hatcheries to farms and from feed mills to processors.

Apps designed by poultry specialists

However, the stage of development of the data solutions differs immensely from one to the other. It is in this essential field, in how applicable the solutions are in the day to day practice, that the difficulty lies. Everyone with some basic understanding of computer technology is able to rake up the data streams from your poultry houses. However, at that stage you just have a pile of data, call it Big Data if you want. The real leap forward comes from app’s that are not designed by IT-technicians but by poultry specialists. They know what is going on on the farms, they know how data should be processed and only they know what signals you as a farm manager want to act upon.

Good stockmanship not easy to match or surpass

It is these systems, which give you as a poultry producer guidance in how to act and when, that will make the biggest difference in the near future. The end goal will be a fully autonomous farm, but many system developers will come to the conclusion that good stockmanship isn’t so easy to match or surpass.