De Heus acquires Neokorm in Russia

23-04-2009 | |

Dutch feed company De Heus has completed the acquisition of Neokorm in Laginsk, Vladimir Oblast (about 150 km East of Moscow). The acquisition is realised by a joint venture in which De Heus and MKorma participate.

In this joint venture all activities, related to feed, concentrates and premixes for commercial farming operations are incorporated. The acquired company has a state of the art premix production facility at the Laginsk location.

Opportunities in Russia

The acquisition of Neokorm fits in the international strategy of De Heus, focusing on strong local presence and growth in markets with a high agricultural potential. The Russian Market offers these opportunities. Within this market the acquisition of Neokorm offers De Heus the possibility to become a local producer of premixes, instead of exporting premixes to the Russian market. All products will be traded under the Koudijs Mkorma name.

Focus on acquisitions

In February De Heus finalised two acquisitions in Vietnam, providing it with a foothold on the Vietnamese markets, in March De Heus pursued further growth on the Czech market with an acquisition. The Acquisition of Neokorm is the fourth in 2009.

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