Denmark: All imported eggs free of Salmonella

26-05-2009 | |
Denmark: All imported eggs free of Salmonella

Denmark has received a special allowance from the EU to require all egg imports to be free of salmonella, reports the Copenhagen Post.

EU health authorities have reportedly approved a Danish application for ‘special status’ that will ensure all eggs imported to the country are guaranteed by their distributors as being 100% salmonella-free.

Eva Kjer Hansen, the food and veterinary minister, called the approval from Brussels a ‘breakthrough’, adding that Denmark would also be seeking special status for chicken imports as well.

According to Statens Serum Institut, the national disease control centre, 3,700 Danes suffered from salmonella-related illnesses in 2008 and that four people have died of salmonella poisoning since October.

Source: The Copenhagen Post

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist