Dutch industry kicks-off Global Service Initiative

26-04-2010 | |

During VIV Europe the Dutch poultry industry launched a new initiative to better serve the global poultry industry.

Nearly all major international operating companies and institutes in the Dutch poultry industry joined forces participating in the Dutch Poultry Centre. This network organization will strengthen the reputation of the Dutch poultry servicing industry all over the world.

The Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC) is the coordinating body of the new initiative and gave it the theme: “Serving the Poultry Planet”. It connects Dutch companies and institutes in the poultry industry to stimulate international cooperation and knowledge transfer. Through DPC poultry producers from all over the world can gain access to Dutch poultry companies and institutions.

DPC chairman Jacco Wagelaar told during the presentation of the initiative Gerda Verburg, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, that the Dutch poultry industry wants to maintain its high quality international reputation and take initiative to stimulate innovations and technical cooperation where needed. Here it needs and receives the full support of the Dutch government. The focus of the new initiative is on helping producers where ever in the world to get access to knowledge and tools to set up a sustainable poultry business.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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