Exact Freflow-1: Tailor-made ventilation

11-10-2010 | |
Exact Freflow-1: Tailor-made ventilation

Correct ventilation in pork and poultry farms has always been of great importance for the development of new fans at Vostermans Ventilation. Temperature, humidity, the amount of oxygen and discharge of noxious substances (controlled by ventilation) contribute to an optimal climate for the animals.

Vostermans Ventilation developed the Exact Freflow-1 system for a steady animal house climate. Applying this system ventilation can be controlled between 10% and 100%. This means with ventilation as constant as possible, an optimum climate can be generated.
The Exact Freflow-1 system consists of a stainless steel housing with a fan and a measuring impeller. A separate housing holds the control print and frequency controller for the fan. The revolutions of the measuring impeller are used to control the volume flow rate.
Due to differences in wind speed and/or natural draft the volume air flow changes, which results in a change of the revolutions of the measuring impeller . By means of continuous control the fan speed is corrected until the measuring impeller reaches the desired number of revolutions.
The Exact Freflow-1 system contributes, after correct setting of the climate computer, to maintaining the desired constant stable climate. With continuous measurement, calculation and control the ventilation level in the animal house is kept constant, despite changing conditions due to outside influences.
  • Constant ventilation level control
  • Energy saving up to 60%
  • Increased motor life cycle
  • Easy installation
  • Animal house conditions resistant
  • Easy calibration
  • Applicable with new and existing climate computers
  • No control valves necessary