Fabian Brockötter editor World Poultry

23-01-2015 | |
Fabian Brockötter editor World Poultry

Reed Business Information (RBI), publisher of World Poultry, has appointed Fabian Brockötter as the dedicated editor of its multimedia poultry brand. Fabian Brockötter acted as (ad interim) editor for two years and will take over all responsibilities from Ad Bal, who is leaving the company.

Reed Business Information is dedicated to the international brands World Poultry, AllAboutFeed and Pig Progress and therefore decided to assign a senior level editor to support the editorial staff and retain the quality. Brockötter also holds the position of editor in chief of the Dutch poultry brand Pluimveehouderij.

Fabian Brockötter (40) started his career at Reed Business in 1998 at the Dutch magazine Boerderij, before he was appointed to editor in chief of Pluimveehouderij in 2008. This magazine focuses completely on the Dutch poultry market and is published in co-operation with the Dutch poultry organisation NOP.

In the last two years, Brockötter was also involved in the international brands of RBI and the launch of a new brand for the worldwide dairy sector, Dairy Global.

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