First Simmet Prize for Dr Cesare Galli

28-07-2008 | |

The Italian scientist Dr Cesare Galli has become the first scientist to be honoured with the €50,000 Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction.He was awarded the prize at the International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) in Budapest.

His numerous significant scientific publications in the field of Assisted Reproduction, as well as his work during his presidency of the AETE (Association Europeenne de Transfer Embryonnaire), exemplify his efforts for technological progress and knowledge transfer from research to practice.
This award is a memorial honouring the lifetime and legacy of Dr Ludwig Simmet, founder of the German AI and bio-engineering company Minitube, who carried out visionary and innovative work in that field of study.
The prize will be awarded every four years on the occasion of future ICAR meetings, to recognise an active research scientist for outstanding basic and applied research in the field of assisted reproduction of animals, published during the previous five years.
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