France: pork may lose ground to poultry

09-10-2008 | |

One of France’s┬átop poultry producer and processor, LDC, said it expects sales to improve in 2009 as poultry becomes more competitive against pork.

“We think that in 2009 the market could turn back in favour of poultry,” said LDC’s finance director Andre Delion.
In 2008, poultry lost ground to its main rival pork. Sooner or later, says Delion, pig breeders would have to pass on more of their costs and poultry would regain competitiveness.
“At the moment the consumer is tending to go more towards the cheapest item,” Delion said. Pork and poultry are in direct competition for this very reason – they are cheaper than other proteins, such as beef.